Skyworks® pivoted from an advergame developer, to a virtual world producer, and is now a mobile game publisher. The Company has had multiple top ranked games on Apple and Nintendo DSi.

Besides a significant user base on Apple iPhones and iPads,  Skyworks® has one of the largest, highest quality game catalogs in the industry, with many 3D/sports games. 15% of the game catalog has been ported to the Apple iOS platform. The ported games have had over 50 million downloads on mobile. 

The catalog games have had over a billion web downloads, including games built for blue chip companies such as P&G, Sony, CBS sports, ESPN, Ford and BMW. In addition, Skyworks® catalog was used to power ESPN's Arcade gaming portal, with 75 sports games exclusively from the company's catalog. Skyworks® games also launched and exclusively powered for many years.

The CEO/President is Nasir Wajihuddin. He founded Anedom Company, Inc, which acquired Skyworks in 2007. With 20 years of branding, business strategy, and operating experience, Mr. Wajihuddin has worked in the consumer tech space since 1999. He was SVP marketing at D56, CMO at search engine Ask Jeeves, and a Vice President of Marketing, with responsibilities for divisional e-Commerce, at Champion International.

Mr. Wajihuddin has also provided advice to senior managers on their digital/internet strategies. In addition, he was at Monitor Company, a strategy consultancy, where his clients included AT&T and Procter & Gamble.

Mr. Wajihuddin also held brand management positions at Nabisco Biscuit Company and M&M Mars. He has a MBA from the Yale School of Management and a Bachelor's degree from Princeton University.

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